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Sometimes, Real Life Takes Over

As some people know, I narrowly avoided a bad flood last month. That said, the leak in the water pipe in my ceiling was enough to cause a lot of damage. As a result the upstairs ceiling has needed to be replaced, and rooms totally emptied in order to facilitate the work of pulling the [...]

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Professional Envy

I received another rejection over the weekend. It was from Clarkesworld, which is an incredibly tough market, and part of me was kinda gearing up for a rejection. Except it never hurts any less. Don't get me wrong, the whole submission process was as slick and as painless as it possibly could be. But just [...]

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The Joy Of Editing

I'll let you into a little secret. One of those ones that will have you rolling your eyes and muttering "oh my heart bleeds for you". You see, I've never properly edited stuff. Sure, I've read over pieces a thousand times, fixed the odd gramatical or spelling error and changed a clunky sentence, but never [...]

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Believing In Yourself

I've met a lot of writers who aren't great fans of JK Rowling. I think there is something about her amazing, impossible-to-repeat success that worries them. It's as if it'll somehow suck them in and they'll believe their book will sell a million copies and they'll be super-rich, when the reality is that there is [...]

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