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On Worldbuilding

This is a post that’s been sitting around in draft form for some weeks now, but I think worldbuilding is an important enough subject that it’s been worth dusting the article off and completing it. What is worldbuilding? Well if you play videogames, it's your sandbox. It's the fixtures and fittings of your world from [...]

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“Complete The Draft”

You've heard it a hundred times before, and yes you know that you need to finish the novel, but it's not like you don't know how it ends, or haven't written the actual end. You just have some work to be done, and in time it will be done. I used to think like that [...]

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The Novel Is Written!

So a short time ago, I completed the latest major draft of my novel with no name. Technically according to the Stephen Deas scale, it's 'sorted'. This isn't the first novel I've written to completion, but this one has spent a hell of a long time working it's way towards a completed draft, not aided [...]

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The Trouble With Titles

I... have... one... chapter... to... go. So the end is near. Really near. A story I've been working on for years is just a single chapter away from completion - and not the novel's final chapter, just one of those ones between the big set pieces that set things up. I'll talk more about the [...]

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The Big Ol’ Fantasycon Report

I quite infamously went to my first Fantasycon two years ago and went nearly the entire weekend without a person speaking to me. It's tough if you're a newbie. Fantasycon is such a tight-knit group that even though they are genuinely very welcoming, they are always huddled in little groups, making it impossible to just [...]

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It seems the done thing these days for writers to announce when they are attending conventions. They announce any launches they will be doing, any signings they'll be holding, any readings they'll be performing and any panels they'll be attending. I, on the other hand, will be in the bar. I'm not advanced enough in [...]

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Deadlines & Titles

Douglas Adams once famously said "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." And that's pretty much been my motto as I've progressed through this draft of the revised novel. I mean, I have the luxury of being able to take my time and get it right (there's no [...]

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Hugo Awards Coverage

When I was a boy, I had this vision of the Hugo Awards looking a bit like the Oscars. I imagined there would be a orchestra, and for years (and I do mean years) I tried to decide what I would have as my music if I ever went up to accept an award. It [...]

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Sometimes Words Come Like Treacle

There's a famous story about Neil Gaiman phoning up his agent regarding his latest project and telling her that it was no good, that the project needed to be scrapped or he needed to start again. "Oh," she replied. "You always do this. You're at that part of the novel." That part of the novel [...]

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