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Showing & Telling

There are a couple of good posts today on "Show Don't Tell", that age-old mantra cited in just about every writing class world-wide. I've just started reading The Passage by Justin Cronin and this starts with an entire chapter of exposition. The audacity! But Cronin does it very well. He litters the exposition with little [...]

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

It surprises me but for some in the Fantasy community, Harry Potter is considered the black sheep of the family. Like it if you must, but we'd rather you didn't. I've even seen people argue that it's not fantasy at all - you know, despite the magic and the wands and the house elves and [...]

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The Importance Of Taking Time Off

So I've got a personal deadline looming, a ton of writing to do, and what do I do? Go camping for the weekend, of course. But one of the most important things about writing is the downtime. My best ideas have never come to me whilst sat at the computer waiting for inspiration, but when [...]

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Review – City of Ruin

I'd enjoyed Nights of Villjamur but had issues with it. A very good debut novel and a book I'm happy to recommend to people despite my slight issues with dialogue. I was looking forward to City of Ruin. If Newton could build and improve on Nights, then City of Ruin could prove to be a [...]

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What A Long Strange Journey This Has Been

Things move slowly in the publishing world. So slowly that I find myself often getting very impatient with it all (something I need to work on). But it can mean that it can sometimes be easy to forget how far you have come. A year ago, I was in the process of selling the site [...]

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The Rewrite Begins

Today saw the start of the big rewrite of the novel. Basically, I need to take a 50,000 word part 1 and turn it into a 100,000 word novel. I'm pretty decided that the start and end will essentially remain the same. The middle will see some alteration to include some elements that would otherwise [...]

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Two Steps From Hell   Mark Charan Newton talks about some of his favourite orchestral pieces over on his blog. I'm a big fan of orchestral music to write to and have a library of movie soundtracks I can call on depending on the mood of the scene I'm writing. Something light and thoughtful might call for Lady [...]

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