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708, 2016

Levelling Up

By | August 7th, 2016|Categories: Writing|0 Comments

Rewriting is a very interesting process.  As someone who writes pretty cohesive first drafts, the whole concept of rewriting has been a little alien to me.  I’ve done the subtle change and chapter rewrite here [...]

2307, 2016

New Instagram Image

By | July 23rd, 2016|Categories: Travel|0 Comments

Got to test out my new Swordfighting gloves today. Very protective. Good session but we melted in 30 degree heat #HEMA

2007, 2016

New Instagram Image

By | July 20th, 2016|Categories: Travel|0 Comments

What kind of hell is this? 4pm, blue skies and no sign of thunderstorms going up! #WantClouds #WantStorms

1507, 2016

New Instagram Image

By | July 15th, 2016|Categories: Travel|0 Comments

Eve of a big rapier competition for me. In a tough pool against some of the world's best. Has been a stressful week and so I feel a mixture of fear, excitement and a sense [...]

1106, 2016

New Instagram Image

By | June 11th, 2016|Categories: Travel|0 Comments

I started this book ages ago and whilst I enjoyed it, I had a hard time getting into it. Recently picked it back up and found myself engrossed by it. #abitdifferent #bookworm

The Four Realms


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