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403, 2021

New Opportunities – The Climb 740

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Wednesday 3rd March 2021 I know I said that I have a backlog of tasks I’m trying to clear off.  But hear me out. One of my major aims of the last year or so [...]

303, 2021

Future Character Developments – The Climb #739

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Tuesday 2nd March 2021 Among my various writing projects I have an idea for an epic fantasy.  Weirdly, this is one where I know the plot, but I don’t know the story.  Or is it [...]

103, 2021

Understanding The Market – The Climb #737

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Sunday 28th February 2021 None of this is specific, just an amalgamation of experience and observations over the years. When you start out you want to set the industry ablaze.  You’ll be blind to the [...]

2802, 2021

Mass Leveling in Warcraft – The Climb #736

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Saturday 27th February 2021 I’m still a bit knackered from my mammoth walk yesterday.  I feel a bit better for it, and I don’t intend to leave it too long before I go again, but [...]

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